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Price of staying cool may increase as A/C units jump in cost

A Jacksonville A/C specialist says the pandemic has taken a a toll on the supply chain and it's affecting prices.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Living in the sunshine state means dealing with rising temperatures. And when it heats up we all want to cool down, but the question is, at what cost?

"We didn't see a huge effect on us until about halfway through last year when we really began to see a sharp dramatic drop in where we were struggling to find equipment," said Tim Wood.

Wood is Director of Marketing and Sales for Jacksonville's Snyder A/C company. He said the pandemic has taken a a toll on the supply chain and it is affecting prices.

"The manufacturers are having a difficult time keeping up with the demand," he said.

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The issue is with raw materials, like galvanized steel and copper. He said some brands have already announced price hikes for 2021.

"Prices can go up between 15% -to--30%. 

Meaning an A/C unit that cost $5000 before the pandemic will now cost at least an extra $750.

And the blame is not only on the raw materials, the manufacturers also blame an increase in labor rates and in fuel and transportation costs. 

"Our install manager is constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve," said Wood.

In his warehouse, there are hundreds of units, some arrived on Monday, to meet demand.

Wood said because of their inventory his company is able to hold the line on prices for its customers. He said they're also in a position to do installations without delays.

Many things are being blamed on the pandemic; On Your Side asked Wood if the impact on his industry is real.

"It is very real," he said.

 His suggestion to consumers is until parts are available and prices become stable Do Not put off your maintenance 

"You can get a longer life with less repair costs," said Wood.


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