I have a personal rule when it comes to taking stuff from a hotel: Don’t bring home anything you wouldn’t want to see under a black light. I’ll take those tiny shampoos, a pen, any letterhead stationery. But Travel & Leisure reports on an alarming study conducted by Wellness Heaven showing that plenty of travelers aren’t as picky.

The study itemizes the most commonly stolen articles from 1,157 hotels, all of which are four and five stars properties. Much of the information would surprise no one — cutlery, hangers, towels. But these hotels reported that lamps, wall art, and mattresses are disappearing, as well. A bewildering 4.2% of these hotels claim they’ve got vanishing mattresses. 

While it’s hard to even fathom step 1 of a mattress heist, the math suggests that at least 48 mattresses have been stolen. Interestingly enough, the data also shows that a five-star hotel guest is 8.1x more likely to steal a mattress than a four-start hotel guest.

There are also anecdotal accounts of stolen furniture, a grand piano, and taxidermy from the lobbies.

I get it — luxury hotel mattresses are divine. But you don’t have to steal one to have a hotel mattress in your own bedroom.

Very few talk about this, but Marriott sells beds from many of its best hotel brands. If you stay at brands like the St. Regis, W Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Westin and many others, you can purchase that exact same experience online. The beds aren’t cheap, but there’s a way to get a potential $1,000+ discount.

When you spend 50 nights with Marriott in a calendar year, you earn something called a “Choice Benefit.” You can choose from things like five Suite Night Awards, five Elite Night Credits, or a 40% discount on your favorite Marriott mattress. This discount effectively allows you to purchase your absolute favorite hotel bed for less money than the best beds you can buy from those fad online mattress brands like Leesa and Casper.

Forego the five-finger discount and opt for the 50-night discount. If you travel regularly, reaching 50 nights isn’t an issue, especially if you have a Marriott credit card like the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless™ Credit Card, as Marriott cards give you an automatic 15 elite night credits each year. In other words, you’ll only need to stay 35 nights in a calendar year to earn the 40% mattress discount.

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