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Now Hiring: Tips on finding a new job if you're over 50

A recent AARP survey reveals 30 percent of older workers have been affected by job loss.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — The current health pandemic is taking a toll on workers of all ages, but for those who have been in the workforce longer, it's really hitting them hard.

"It's particularly harder for older workers. Older women workers have it the toughest," Susan Weinstock said.

A recent AARP survey reveals 30 percent of older workers have been affected by job loss. Susan Weinstock with AARP says if you're currently without a job, now is the time to get back in the game.

"I would say network," Weinstock said. "I know you're sitting at home so you can't go out and have coffee. But, there's still a computer and telephone. Reach out to people."

Weinstock says you should use social media to your advantage. She recommends updating your LinkedIn profile and making sure it reflects the best of you. 

"Fill it out as much as you possibly can," she said. "The more it's filled out. The more you're going to come up higher on the search results. That's really important."

We are currently living in a virtual world. If you're an older person who doesn't feel comfortable with technology, Weinstock says you need to learn, especially with a lot of jobs requiring you work out of your home. 

"If you're not comfortable with that, I would suggest searching online and taking some classes in using Zoom and other platforms," she said.

Also, Weinstock shared some important information about filling out applications online.

"If you're applying for jobs you're seeing online, make sure you look at the keywords in the job description and put those keywords into your resume," she said. "Because, if the keywords aren't there, a human being will never see that resume because it's going to get kicked out by the applicant tracking system."

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