While baby boomers get closer to retirement, labor experts question who will fill their spots in skilled trades.

An easy answer? Millennials, whose members now range from their teens to early 30's. But, for many of this generation who’ve had trouble starting careers, they’re turning to trading instead of the traditional jobs.

But, why has there been a rising in trading? Traide Smart’s Tyler Mackechnie says its an industry people look into for quick bucks.

In this modern-day, technology finds application in almost all sectors. Therefore, the world has advanced interfaces that enable a trader to monitor his or her trade in real-time.

These interfaces are now accessible via a mobile phone. Through this, the young generation will definitely be attracted to the trading world as they embrace technology more than any other thing.

It's expected trading will continue to be a thing for this digital-native generation, but Mackechnie recommends millennial's do research and start with demos to avoid the risk of losing big bucks.