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JEA consumers projected to pay less on their bill in March

On average, JEA customers are expected to pay $135 next month

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — JEA says 40% of its customers have a difficult time paying their bill. 

People who live in Jacksonville shared on First Coast News' Facebook page that their bills lately have increased from $20 to $100 extra.

Markesha Fuller, who lives in Downtown Jacksonville, said her electric bill is usually $25 to a little over $30. She's been tracking how much energy is used in her home. Fuller is expecting a bill that is nearly $100. 

"As I'm budgeting as a single mom, I'm just looking at which struggle am I going to pick today," Fuller said. 

The recent weather has made some people in the First Coast to switch their thermostat to heat. JEA wants customers to be mindful of the temperatures one sets. 

During the winter months, the utility company suggested 68 degrees while on heat. While transitioning to warmer weather, the next bill is expected to slightly lighter.

On average, JEA said consumers spent $144 in February. Come March, the projected average with taxes is $135. 

John Funches, the manager of conservation and efficiency field services, said JEA can provide an energy audit consumption. 

"[We'll] Look for ways to save and we can possibly help to reduce your consumption amount which will reduce your bill," Funches recommended. 

Some ways to save include turning off plugged in appliances, using fans instead of the A/C (fans use less energy) and as we reach warmer temperatures, set the thermostat to 78 on cool. 

If it helps, JEA provides payment extensions and arrangements for consumers. 


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