Whether you want to customize your style to your exact measurements or try out a top designer temporarily to then swap it out for another one, the options online seem to be limitless for fashion.

The idea behind online clothing subscription services is to make our lives easier by making fashion sense more diverse.

Stitch Fix is a prime example. It uses data, provided by users, to send you clothes to your doorstep.

Jonny Danielsen is a loyal customer.

“The first package won’t fit perfectly, but by your third or fourth order everything is pretty customized to you,” said Danielsen. “It’s pretty easy, you set a monthly budget for clothes each month, $150 to $200 a month, and then you can pause it.”

Rent the Runway is another popular subscription service, although it differs in that it’s more of a rental service.

America’s Top Model winner and TV personality, Yoanna House, is a loyal customer.

“I love rent the runway, it’s one of my go tos when it comes to conquering anything to do with fashion,” said House.

House says renting is the way to wear top designer brands without breaking the bank.

“You don’t pay for shipping handling, you can return it four or five days later, whenever you’re done.”

She likes to rent the latest accessories for big events.

“Usually we buy according to the season or what something on the calendar and the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on something you’ll only wear once.”

There are multiple other options that have started to gain popularity and cater to different budgets and sizes.

Le Tote is another rental fashion service that works as a rental service for a monthly membership fee.

Gwinnie Bee is a fashion rental service that offers all styles, but has been known to cater to more sizes than other companies.

The Mr. & Ms. Collection is another option for online fashion rentals.

First Coast News viewers weighed in on their favorite online shopping sites:

“Would you consider Poshmark? It's my fave! I shop almost exclusively,” said Alisha Jenkins. “It’s awesome and more addictive than others. New York and Co. has this service too, as does Amazon.”

“I do Rent the Runway and I like it for the most part, helps me diversify the wardrobe,” said First Coast News anchor Katie Jeffries.

“My daughter has done Rent the Runway. She returned it to the post office and thought everything was great. Then she got fully billed for the dresses. She called and found out they never received the package. Come to find out the mail lady stole her dresses. Then about a month later, the dresses just happened to be returned... the point of story is always get a receipt when returning,” said Heather Engstrom.

“I tried many. I’ve settled on the Nordstrom Trunk Club. Super convenient and completely flexible with a dedicated personal shopper who really gets to know your style...or lack thereof,” said Jennifer Fleischer.

“I did Stitch Is one time. It was not great. The only thing I liked, I found in TJ Max for 1/2 the price. Sent it all back. The site I love is Rue La La. great customer service and return policy. I’ve had few misses with them,” said Kimberly Waterhouse.

“I did the LeTote thing for years. They have excellent customer service and usually plenty to choose from. I quit LeTote when I discovered Poshmark and never went back,” said Nikki Evans.

“Rent the Runway is fabulous for school dances!!!” said Sandy Carns.