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Georgia man on the hook for car loan after being scammed out of Camaro

Ethan Hines says his credit score dropped 200 points. He doesn't think he should have to pay the loan after his bank told him the check cleared.

KINGSLAND, Ga. — Ethan Hines remains without his 2018 Camaro after selling it to someone he met on Facebook Marketplace.

However, the $750 monthly payment is still his responsibility.

"There is no positive outcome in this for me, and I did nothing wrong, I feel like I am being punished for someone else's crime," Hines told First Coast News. 

The $49,000 check from the buyer cleared Hines' account with VyStar.  He received a letter explaining his loan was paid in full. 

Four days later, the check bounced, leaving him with no car but on the hook for the loan's balance. He doesn't feel he should be required to pay it.

"It would be easier, but it's not the right way to go," he said.

Credit: Courtesy: Ethan Hines
Ethan Hines sold his 2018 Camaro , but four days after being told the check cleared from the buyer, it bounced leaving him with the loan to pay off.

He filed a police report, which detectives say the buyer's story and Facebook profile were 'fictitious.' There have not been any arrests.

Hines says his credit score dropped about 200 points.

We sent Hines' contact information to VyStar which said it would look into his case, but he says he's gotten no calls.  

"There is no way that you are putting the member first in this scenario," Hines said.

He's urging others to do their homework and know your bank's timeline on clearing checks to avoid being in a similar situation, with a financial debt you thought you paid off. 

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