LIVE OAK, Texas - Calling a dog walker can now be as easy as calling for a ride with an app called Wag!, available in San Antonio.

“Once I go out of the house I click on 'start walk,' and it GPS tracks all of the steps that you take when you’re walking them," Wag! dog walker Wilneth Vazquez said.

Wag! is a dog-walking app available in San Antonio and across the country.

“I’m actually one of the first walkers for the San Antonio area. Slowly but surely, a lot of people know about it now, so I get about six walks within a week depending on my schedule. Really, you can get about four walks in a day," Vazquez said.

Dog walkers go through Wag! training and they get access to owners’ homes with a lockbox.

The app also has pet-sitting services.

“They’re bonded and insured, so I know that they’ve gone through a background check. I’m totally comfortable with leaving the key in my lockbox," dog owner and Wag! user Cori Gonzalez said.

App users can schedule a walk for 30 minutes or an hour.

Wag! can help dog owners on a daily basis, or when they’re in a bind and can’t take their dog out last minute.

“It gives me the flexibility that if my schedule is really tight and I’ve got a lot of things going on that I don’t have to rush home to take out Diesel," Gonzalez said.

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