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Will driving from North Florida to Georgia for gas really save you money?

We drove to Kingsland, Georgia where we found several Floridians filling up their cars at $3.89 per gallon.

KINGSLAND, Georgia — Since Georgia paused its gas tax in March, people in North Florida have seized the opportunity to travel across the border for cheaper gas.

"A year ago it was about compilable, there wasn't a big savings up here, but now there is," Yulee resident, Peter Evenson, said. 

Evenson says he drives from Yulee to Kingsland about once a week to fill up his truck.  He paid $75 for 19 gallons of gas, $3.89 per gallon. 

According to Gas Buddy, the average price of fuel in Yulee as of Monday evening is $4.19. 

Evenson is saving about $5 every time he fills up in Kingsland over Yulee. 

Credit: Taylor Salman

But is he actually saving money? 

Evenson drives about 26 miles roundtrip to fill up his Toyota Tundra truck, which averages roughly 14 miles per gallon.

He's using about two gallons of gas and paying roughly $7 in gas every time he drives to and from Kingsland, which means he's actually losing money.

Subtract the $7 he is using to drive to get gas from the $5 he would be saving getting gas in Kingsland vs. Yulee, and he's actually losing a couple dollars. 

Credit: Taylor Salman

If Evenson drove a car with better fuel efficiency, a drive from Yulee to Kingsland for gas would be worth it. 

Before you decide to drive to Georgia for cheaper gas, do the math. It may not be worth it. 

Georgia's gas tax holiday is scheduled to end May 31. The Peach State's gas tax is 29 cents per gallon. 

Florida is scheduled to have a one-month gas tax holiday in October, the state gas tax is 26.5 cents per gallon. 

Additionally, Jacksonville has discussed a bill that would suspend the city's gas tax for several months. The new legislation would save people five cents per gallon. 

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