JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Between Grampell Drive and Moss Haven Road, a section of the sidewalk caved in and it's now a community concern.

"The sidewalk is completely nonfunctional," Jacob Rowe said. "In fact, it will angle you into the ditch if you're walking in the dark."

Rowe's home is adjacent to the problem. He said the sidewalk has been in disrepair for a long time.

"I don't know how long it has been in that order," he said. "I have lived here eight years and it has never been worked on."

Adding to their concerns, there are no safety rails to keep someone from falling over the side.

Susan Franks, another concerned neighbor, sent On Your Side pictures from the edge. Franks is very frustrated by the city.

"I have been emailing them since May," she said. "All they have done is put up one barricade on the sidewalk, which the kids like to toss into the ravine."

The sidewalk covers an outfall where water from Normandy Boulevard comes running like a rushing river.

It is so swift that there is soil erosion. It isn't known if it contributed to the sidewalk's cave-in.

"Does someone have to fall into the creek to get something done?" Franks said.

Rowe told On Your Side the city has been making sidewalk improvements, but said this is apparently not a priority.

"The city has been all over this neighborhood doing sidewalks," Rowe said. "But they've done nothing with the worst part the most dangerous sidewalk in the neighborhood."

On Your Side contacted the Mayor's Office as well as District Councilman Randy White.

White said he was not aware of the problem, but decided to drive by and see for himself. Immediately he saw the reason for community concern.

"I sent three videos to public works," White said. "It appears that the project was on the list, but it will now be expedited."

The community said it's is only requesting a safe place for the people to walk.