JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Video posted on social media showing a fight between teenagers at a Keystone Beach public park has lead to rumors of fight clubs and gang initiations; rumors that city officials say aren't true.

Keystone Heights is not your typical urban city. It is a small semi-rural community.

"Our city is only four square miles," said Mayor Karen Lake.

But after video of the fight was posted, it spurned concerns about what is taking place in the community.

"That is so surprising," said resident Sydney Marlow. "It happened here, oh my goodness.

"I don't think there is any kind of gang danger here," said resident M.J. Wheaton.

Keystone Heights resident and Clay County Commissioner Gavin Rollins is now working with the Clay County Sheriff's Office to keep the peace.

"There's a video that surfaced on Facebook that has caused a lot of concern and rightfully so," said Rollins.

The video has since been removed from social media but Rollins calls it an isolated incident. He said it has nothing to do with fight clubs.

"I have talked with some of the people involved and they told me what happened," said Rollins.

He said now those involved are talking with the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

"We have to have a safe community and people have to be able to walk to places like Keystone Heights Beach and along the sidewalk that kind of thing," said Rollins. "So the sheriff's office has increased its presence in the area." 

Earlier this week, deputies did a neighborhood walk, making door knocks, trying to quell the rumors. They knocked on Wheaton's door.

"They just trying to reassure us that it is a safe community and they have everything under control," she said. 

"The bottom line message to the community is that Keystone Heights is safe," said Rollins.