JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — During an I'm Telling Ken session at the Florida Cracker Kitchen, the On Your Side team heard from Shanda Suggs.

"I am concerned about my father's safety," Suggs said.

Her father, John Turner lives on West 9th Street in a neighborhood that needs some attention. Turner is 77-years-old.

"He has his health struggles," she said. "Every day he is walking with a cane with an oxygen container."

Suggs said the problem in his neighborhood is a city-owned tree and its root system.

When he leaves home he has to walk past the tree and over its very overgrown root system.

The roots are so overgrown they have become a safety hazard.

"The city told me the tree is not dead, so is my dad going to be dead from falling over this tree," Suggs said.

While the tree may appear healthy, what the root system is doing is not. It is coming out of the ground and tearing the concrete curb apart, bulging from the seams.

"I fear the worst," she said. " I want the city to give it attention." 

Suggs said she was told as long as the tree is healthy nothing can be done, even though the tree is also destroying the curb

On Your Side contacted the City of Jacksonville and its Public Works Department. We were told the following:

There no current issues reported at this address through 630-CITY. The Public Works Department will investigate this issue to determine how best to respond.

"I fear him falling so I try to meet him there so when he gets in and out out of a vehicle he is safe from falling," Suggs said.

District Councilman Garrett Dennis said staff is also looking into their concern.

He said the goal is the safety of Turner and anyone else who may travel in that direction.

If you have a neighborhood complaint, you can file your concerns with the city by calling (904) 630-CITY (2489) or going online to www.coj.net.