JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jessy Valerio, a single parent, is angry with the state's child support system. She said a few years ago she had a problem and the state paid her a penny.

This time, she said she has yet to receive a dime.

"They received a whole payment April 27 and another yesterday and still have not given me either," said Valerio.

Payments made to the state by her ex-husband are usually a direct deposit into her bank account, so why the delay?

"I haven't been able to contact a human for an explanation," she said.

She works at home and said she needs her child support payment or $682 a month.

"It is a little scary when you don't have it," said Valerio, "and don't know when you will."

There are complaints like hers on a complaint board on the Internet, and like Valerio, they are all angry with the system.

"It is very difficult to be a responsible parent if you don't have consistent reliable income and part of that is child support."

She said it usually takes two days for the state to make a deposit into her account after receiving the money, but she has been waiting 16 days.

"Sixteen days, there has been no holidays," said Valerio. "It is just frustrating."

So why the delays? It is difficult to get a direct answer from the state for a number of reasons.

Here are some facts from the Florida Department of Revenue.

- Florida has 682,256 open cases

- Florida has collected 78 percent of the support due

- The time frame to resolve non-payment depends on individual case specifics

A spokesperson said due to confidentiality laws the specifics of Valerio case cannot be discussed; but a person will contact her to resolve the problem.

Valerio said she hopes it is soon rather than later. She contacted the state via email and the response was an 'incident report' will be made.

The most common complaint made to the state, according to a Department of revenue (DOR) spokesperson, is when the other parent is not paying as ordered and they would like the status of enforcement actions.

For parents like Valerio they are encouraged to use one of the following customer service options - toll-free 1-800 number; web chat; eServices portal; and walk-in customer service in our office locations.