Whatever Deryll Green thought of law enforcement changed, perhaps for the worse after what happened to her on Dec. 5.

"I do not think I was treated properly," she said.

Green, 68, owns a rental in Jacksonville's Sherwood community. On Dec. 5, it was the target of a JSO narcotic drug bust. 

She said she drove up to the property and asked an officer to please don't bust the windows and protect her property as much as possible.

"He kept telling me that I need to leave ... or he will put me in jail," said Green.

Green she felt intimidated and called 911 for an additional supervisor. 

"I just wanted to make sure my windows are not burst out," she said."He was spitting in my face and he was up in my face."

 But according to a JSO report of the incident, Green became irate and belligerent requesting to speak to a supervisor. 

"Who do I suppose to call if a police officer is threatening me?" she asked. 

The report further states Green was 'advised there was no emergency and 911 is for that purpose alone."  

The report states she proceeded to call 911 again and that's when she was arrested and charged with misuse of 911.

On Your Side checked Green's background and found she was in court two other times, for theft and a red light traffic infraction.

 We also checked the arresting officer's work history.

He joined JSO in 2009.

In his nine years in uniform there were three in house complaints and four citizen complaints -- all unfounded.    

 But in the 2016 complaint his failure to conform to work standards was sustained and resulted in counseling. 

Green said she plans to file a complaint with the department. 

"I'm going to civil court with him,' she said.