JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — People are in love with their brands. For instance, the thought of eating the grocery store brand cereal may make some people cringe. 

If you're not one of those people, and you'd like to save some money on certain things, then maybe you'd be interested in trying out Brandless.

Brandless sells hundreds of items. From food to housewares, beauty and more.

But as the name suggests, none of it is a brand name. 

Many of the items are priced around $3, or sold as bundles such as a pack of diapers for $9.

 The company co-founder and CEO, Tina Sharkey, says as they grow the prices may change. 

"Brandless was not about $3," says Sharkey. "b   

FCN put out a roll-call on social media, looking for people who have tried Brandless here on the First Coast, hoping to get a real perspective on the website.

And we met Sue Rucker who lives on Fleming Island. 

She shops for a lot of her household items with Brandless. She's bought plates, bowls, grilling accessories, hand soaps, even holiday gift bags on Brandless.

She tells FCN that she'll choose savings over a brand label any day.

"And that doesn't bother me at all," Sue said. "It's all good stuff, and you pay a premium for that brand."

First Coast News was not compensated for this story and we are not spokesmen for Brandless. This story was brought to you by GMJ Life Hacks which aims to make your life easier and save you money.