JACKSONVILLE, Fla. —  At Bacon in the Sun Cafe, between breakfast and lunch, On Your Side listened to the community concerns.

"My friend said don't miss the appointment with Mr. Ken Amaro," said Jerusia Lessa.

Lessa was there to discuss a car sales contract and how the business kept her two thousand dollar deposit and her car.

Joseph Gomez wanted to talk about his neighbor who is apparently operating a bike repair business from his home.

Gomez said it is illegal and it is unsightly. "It is creating a public nuisance," he said.

We heard other complaints and concerns. 

Jeannette White recently received a copy of her sales contract from a car dealer. White said the interest rate of 16.78% was never discussed before the sale and was added after she signed the contract.

"What kind of words can I use to describe how I feel, mainly I am pissed off," said White.

There are just a few of the issues On Your Side will investigate in the days ahead.

"Just the fact that we were given notification five days before this all happened is outrageous," said Sarah Bryan.      

Ryan and Justin Rawls are upset with Jacksonville Beach City Hall. The city is in the middle of a ten million dollar infrastructure improvement project.

"It is basically impacting everyone with noise, safety, litter," she said.

Bryan and Rawls said they're feeling the impact. 

"We are driving over all sort of debris, nails and they're not taking responsibility for it," said Bryan.

Among their complaint, the heavy equipment is causing damage to their home.

"We have cracks in our ceiling and in our drywall," said Rawls.

The noise is also becoming unbearable at two in the morning.

"We just hear all these noises at two a.m. and called the city," she said. "We were told 'oh yea they pulled a permit, you were supposed to be notified;' nobody told us."

According to city records, the contractor is installing a 72-inch storm water pipe that will cross A1A; it is to alleviate flooding in Jacksonville Beach.

"We're being told that we would be warned about things, nobody is warning us when things occur," said Bryan.

On Your Side contacted the city manager and was told:  

"The contractor was granted a permit exception to work until the early morning hours to minimize impact on the traffic on A1A. It is until they get to the other side of A1A and they're looking at a 30-day window."

On Your Side was told the Public Works staff has met with members of the community and will continue to listen and make adjustments when and where it can.