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Everyone claims they’re a Microsoft Office master on their resume, but let’s be honest — most of us could use a refresher on Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. This Complete Microsoft Office Certification Bundle offers 20 hours of training that will not only boost your skill set, but also get you certified in these specialized programs.

The four-course bundle kicks off with Excel. You’ll work step by step to build a strong foundation in the flagship program through worksheets and workbooks. Then, you’ll learn how to protect, merge, and troubleshoot your workbooks and streamline processes using advanced functions, customization, and macros. These are not your average Excel courses; you’ll walk away prepared for any Excel-heavy position.

Next, you’ll take a deep dive into PowerPoint, beyond your basic presentations. Tackle things like modifying shapes, creating animations and transitions, and inserting audio and video into slides. And last, but certainly not least, you’ll learn how to control massive amounts of data — like address books and finance tables — through simple forms and reports with Access.

Stop lying on your resume and really conquer the Microsoft Office Suite. Get the Complete Microsoft Office Certification Bundle for just $19 — from

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