BUT IT HERE: Save $30 on the PanicSafe Emergency Locator & Car Charger

One of the scariest things about being in an accident or getting trapped on the side of the road is not having a surefire way to contact the help you need. Whether your phone is out of batteries, or you’re trapped in a remote location, it’s helpful to have a way to reach out to your emergency contacts, just in case.

This PanicSafe Emergency Locator & Car Charger is a car charger that also works as a notification system for a series of contacts that you choose, just in case you get into an accident or are in another emergency. Using GPS tracking, a built-in G-sensor, and Bluetooth technology, PanicSafe works in conjunction with your phone and the WISO app, sending your location to up to seven contacts if you press the panic button or if its G-sensor is triggered in an accident.

The locator and charger also allow you to send texts, emails, calls and your location — plus, you can be confident that even if you’re not quite sure where you are, the GPS locator will pick up your pin and send an updated version of it out every two to three minutes. Even if you accidentally (or deliberately) deactivate your alerts, your emergency contacts will be notified.

Because the gadget operates off an internal battery source, the existing power supply activates emergency alerts even if your car’s power is disrupted. And when emergencies aren’t occurring, you can also use PanicSafe to power your devices up to four times faster than the typical USB car charger.

It’s the perfect device to have in your car, whether you like to plan ahead for an emergency, or just want a reliable power source to keep your phone fully charged. Usually, this PanicSafe Emergency Locator & Car Charger is $79.99, but you can get it now for $49.99.

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