MINNEAPOLIS -  The women's clothing store Charlotte Russe will be winding down many of its stores soon.

Charlotte Russe filed for bankruptcy on Sunday, and said that it will use the relief provided to close 94 retail locations, including one here on the First Coast.

FCN has confirmed that the Charlotte Russe location at the Town Center is on the list of stores slotted to close.

The company expanded to include a children's store called Peek Kids in 2016. 

As of right now, the company says that Charlotte Russe stores, Peek Kids stores and online platforms are currently open. More information about the closings will be released soon.

Additional information about Charlotte Russe's Chapter 11 filing can be found here. 

Customers can also reach out to the retailer's claims agent, Donlin Recano, at (877) 864-4836 or submitting an inquiry via e-mail to: crinfo@donlinrecano.com.