JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- There's more fun in store for a group of Gainesville kids who got to shoot hoops with Shaquille O'Neal and Gainesville cop Bobby White: they're invited to Sunday's Orlando Magic game.

The Magic posted a video to the team's Facebook page Thursday of Officer White breaking the news to the kids that they'll be joining him to watch the team take on the Atlanta Hawks on Feb. 7. Plus, they'll be courtside for warm-ups ahead of the game.

But there's a catch. "If any of you all get in trouble by then, you're out of my crew so you don't get to go," the officer warned them.

It's just another inspiring chapter in the feel good story that made headlines last month after someone called 911 on a group of kids who were playing basketball too "loudly." Officer White, who took the call Jan. 15, befriended the kids instead of admonishing them. He even dunked on them.

Dashcam video of the encounter and Officer White's encouragement of the kids went viral as the Gainesville Police Department preached #HoopsNotCrime. It even caught the attention of O'Neal, who stopped by to surprise them all with a pickup game.