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Got baby formula? One local moms group is helping fill the gap created by a formula shortage

Locally-created Facebook page helps moms find and swap baby formulas for the kinds their babies need

FOLKSTON, Ga. — Baby formula is in short supply in stores across the country.

A recent recall has been exacerbated by supply chain issues and panic buying are the reasons why.

Some First Coast moms have tapped into social media to help feed their children. 

Diserea Biehn lives near Folkston, Georgia.  She has three children. The youngest is Riley who is 3 months old.  Riley was born premature. 

"So she has four bottles of high calorie formula a day," Biehn explained, "and she still gets breast milk and formula also."

Lately, Biehn has struggled to find the right kind of formula in stores that her baby needs.

"I’ve been from Georgia to Jacksonville, to 12 different stores. We finally found a store that had some. It’s been really tough," Biehn said. 

She heard other moms were in the same scary and stressful spot because of that nationwide baby formula shortage.  

So Biehn started a Facebook page which is a a baby formula swap site.

Click here to visit the Facebook page.

 "So if somebody needs something they can post it and say, 'I’m looking for this formula,. Have you seen it anywhere? Does someone have it?'  Another person will comment, 'I saw it at Duval Station Publix,'" Biehn explained.

Others are swapping formulas with each other.

"For example," Biehn said, "I have a lot of Enfamil she’s (her baby, Riley) not able to use yet because she’s still on the high calorie formula.  So I posted that I have such and such just in case anyone needs it or can trade me for the formula she’s on."

And the site is working. Moms from Folkston to Jacksonville to Hastings are helping each other as well as their little ones.

Some mothers have been criticized and told to use their breastmilk if they can't find formula.

However, Biehn said many new mothers don't produce enough milk, their babies reject their mother's milk, or adoptive mothers are in need of baby formula.