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Jacksonville school hopes to rev up interest for truck driving industry

J-Tech offers other programs including automotive and diesel technology, HVAC and marine and RV technology.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — At the J-Tech Institute, it is all hands-on learning with real-life training.

The Jacksonville school hopes to be the driving force to get more people interested in the trucking industry, which J-Tech leaders say is experiencing burnout.  The pandemic isn't helping. 

"Truck drivers were in the same sentence as an essential person; a doctor, a nurse. They were wearing a cape. They were super people," said Dani Wampler.

J-Tech offers classes not only for those looking to get their commercial driver's license, but students can also get their associate's degree in other fields of essential work including automotive and diesel technology, HVAC and marine and RV technology.

Once students complete the four or eight-week CDL program, Wampler says up to 25 trucking companies make their employment pitches. Think of it as a reverse job interview.

"It's theirs to choose what they want. If they want to be local, if they want to be regional, if they want to be over the road." Wampler said.

 With an 86% job placement rate after graduation, Wampler says J-Tech's success can be contributed to the curriculum...which she says is tailored to the industries that keep the country going.

Especially this time of year, she says truck drivers are essential in making sure those gifts you've ordered online end up under the tree.

"Being a part of this means we are changing people's lives," she said.

For more information on J-Tech's programs, click here. 

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