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Kuhn Flowers decks the halls for massive Christmas spectacle

“People just drive up, all throughout the day,” owner of Kuhn Flowers said.

Some people don't want to start thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving passes by. But if you're driving down Beach Boulevard, it's hard not to feel the festive spirit when passing one local shop.

Kuhn Flowers has been creating an incredible holiday display year after year, since the 1930s.

“People just drive up, all throughout the day,” said Marty McCall, owner of Kuhn Flowers. “Little kids—every day we have to wash the windows because there are handprints everywhere. It’s really cool.”

Some may come to Kuhn Flowers just to get flowers this time of year, but most come to see the massive holiday display.

Two-story windows are lined with lights and garland and the windows each have its own theme. Some are filled with vibrant Santa’s, elves and reindeer while others even show nativity scenes.

Windows with Christmas displays only scratch the surface of Kuhn’s Flowers’ Christmas celebrations. Inside the shop is a winter wonderland, with no expense spared.

“We have a 1930 Ford pickup truck that completely runs,” McCall said. “ [It's] made out of steel, It’s got Santa Claus driving. He just picked up a tree, getting ready for Christmas.”

There are thousands of Christmas ornaments, trinkets and of course, flowers flooding the shop.

“Our inventory is fully loaded at all times,” McCall said. “We don’t want to be short, we don’t want to run out.”

Kuhn Flowers wants you to know, whether or not you are shopping, the staff will invite you in to see the decorations, spread holiday cheer and have a visit with a very special guest.

Santa Claus is set to visit the shop starting on Dec. 7. Those inside the store can receive free pictures and holiday snacks.

McCall said Kuhn Flowers doesn’t only want to sell to the community but serves the community by buying local when possible. Many garlands and flower arrangements in the store use locally grown plants.

“If you take and spend your money somewhere else, I don’t know how that helps the Jacksonville economy,” McCall said. "Jacksonville is the most important thing to me.”