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Butterball Turkey Talk-Line expert of 20 years shares Thanksgiving Day stories

Phyllis Kramer said a lot of people call asking about how to thaw their turkeys on Thanksgiving Day.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Expert Phyllis Kramer has heard it all in her two decades as a turkey tutor. 

"The thawing questions are the ones that are the most creative shall we say," Kramer said.

"Californians are in the hot tub and they say, 'can we just put this turkey and thaw in the hot tub with us?' Let's talk about that," she said recalling one call. 

Since Butterball's Turkey Talk-Line started 40 years ago, Kramer said the types of turkeys have changed, and the ways to cook them. 

“We didn't have 40 years ago an air fryer or instant pot," she said.

Kramer's top turkey tips include moving your turkey from the freezer to the fridge a few days before Thanksgiving to thaw. Get the turkey back in the fridge within three hours of eating. Be creative with leftovers. Throw the turkey in soup, sandwiches and tacos. 

You can call the talk line if you need help cooking, or help with leftovers, until Christmas Eve. Call 1-800-288-8372. You can also text 844-877-3456.

Kramer said she continues to answer calls each Thanksgiving because of the sense of gratification.

"You've helped people to have a better holiday, and they're so stressed sometimes. You can hear them breathe a sigh of relief. And they even come up with cute little sayings like 'you're the best turkey tutor I've ever had,'" she said.

"Some people are anxious, of course, and worried, but you put them at ease. So, they're grateful. And then you can tell you've really influenced a family. You've influenced a whole family," Kramer said.

Kramer said this year, one of her family members took care of making the turkey, and she'd go home to Thanksgiving dinner.