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'Full phase 1' began Monday, here's what that looks like at retail stores

Retail stores and restaurants can increase capacity to 50 percent on May 18th, but many places have put their own tighter restrictions in place.

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. — It's been two weeks since Governor Ron DeSantis started phase 1 reopening in Florida but as of Monday, 'full phase 1' is in effect which loosens more restrictions on specific businesses. 

Some businesses have put their own tighter restrictions in place while reopening. 

“I feel much better now that it’s been two weeks and we’ve gotten such positive feedback," co-owner of Penelope T Boutique Manne White says. Her store is only allowing five people in at a time. 

“I was excited to reopen just because for business but it also was a little bit unnerving," she says.

Like most businesses, you can find a list of rules and restrictions taped to the front door of the store.

White says they have masks in store for employees to use if they want to or when customers ask them to. Hand sanitizer sits at the front of the store and they are stocked up on cleaning supplies to disinfect between customers.

Even though they are back open for normal business, White says they are continuing curbside as well as their special at-home delivery try-on boxes. She also says they created a website during the pandemic to continue business and she plans on keeping the website going. 

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"There are so many unknowns and we want people to be as comfortable as possible and if they are still willing to support our business then we obviously want to keep those outlets open for them," White says. 

Sunrise Surf Shop is also continuing its curbside service for customers who aren't ready to shop in stores. 

Sunrise Surf Shop manager Garrett Carmichael says business has been pretty good since reopening and he says they've gotten great feedback. 

The store was busy, but customers seemed to keep with their own groups that they came with and kept their distance from others. Some customers wore masks, some did not. 

“With the amount of square footage we have, it is pretty rare unless it is a holiday sale to have more people in the store than we are allowed to and the space is pretty spread out so it is really easy to practice social distancing and whatnot, " Carmichael said. 

COVID-19 has changed business. Plexi-glass separates the cashier from the customers. Carmichael said they shortened store hours in order to have time to properly clean the store. 

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A sign on the front door asks people to not come in if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or are feeling sick. 

Stores like Penelope T are asking people to wait in their cars if the store is overcapacity. If you know where you want to shop or eat, call ahead or check out the store's social media to see what their rules are or if their hours have changed.