First Coast News is delving into an issue that many couples don’t often talk about openly; infertility. Good Morning Jacksonville Anchor, Keitha Nelson is sharing her own personal battle with infertility and going through the In Vitro Fertilization process

Part III: Success in Barbados?

In September of 2018 I was off-air for about two weeks. Viewers and even my co-workers thought that I was on vacation. I spent two weeks in Barbados but my time there was not filled with rest and relaxation. On the plane ride there numerous thoughts and fears ran through my mind. Am I finally going to become a mom? Is this going to be a painful process? Was this all a waste of time? What's in store for me on the island below?

Once there the atmosphere calmed my wondering mind. My first visit to Barbados Fertility Center went well. I was assured that my body was responding well to all of the medications. Within the two weeks I had my egg retrieval and embryo transfer. Everything went as planned and things for me were looking up but the heavy burden of knowing the process wasn’t as smooth for other women- took a toll on me. I cried many nights hearing their stories of miscarriage and unsuccessful IVF attempts. Their faces and stories still trouble me to this day.

I’ve opened up on a web series on YOUTUBE called My IVF Journey.

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