DURHAM, N.C. -- A mother’s love you can feel it all over the piano keys at Duke’s Cancer Center, as Abigail Tanner took a seat on the bench next to her son.

Abigail said the hospital’s piano just beckoned her to play. She strolled her one-year-old, son beside her to play and sing for him.

It was an emotional moment as Abigail began to sing “Never Enough” by Loren Allred for Lincoln, who’s battling a rare and terminal form of epilepsy called MMPSI.

Part of the lyrics read:

“I'm trying to hold my breath

Let it stay this way

Can't let this moment end

You set off a dream with me

Getting louder now

Can you hear it echoing?

Take my hand

Will you share this with me?

'Cause darling without you

All the shine of a thousand spotlights

All the stars we steal from the nightsky

Will never be enough

Never be enough”

It was just one of those moments that gives you chills as Abigail was soon surrounded by others at the hospital.

Learn more about MMPSI and this courageous journey by visiting Lincoln's Road. #NeverEnough

Lincoln also has a Go Fund Me Page