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Tennessee 6-year-old's hot chocolate stand raises money to help foster children over the holidays

Liam Gossett set up his hot chocolate stand for the second year in a row, raising money to help foster kids for Christmas.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — For the second year in a row, a Knoxville 6-year-old set up a hot chocolate stand to help families he never have even met. This year, it was in Bower Field Community Park.

Liam Gossett was adopted out of the foster care system by Jordan and Ashley Gossett last year. The boy came up with an idea to help other children who were still in the system — sell hot chocolate to raise money and make sure families in the area could celebrate Christmas.

"To be able to come out and share that with him this year and just help him make it bigger and better, it's awesome," said one of the attendees at the event. "I'm hoping this is an every year thing. We're definitely looking for it to be."

Last year, he raised around $3,000 to make sure that foster children would be able to celebrate the holidays. They raised so much with the help of an anonymous donor who gave $1,500. This year, he had the backup of clothing vendors and a food truck, turning Liam's hot chocolate stand into an event.

His parents asked for donations from each vendor that set up a stand.

This year, some of the money he raises will benefit a specific family. The rest of the money will go to Isaiah's House, an emotional support center for foster children waiting for placement.

Despite the 60-degree weather, people still bought a steaming mug of hot chocolate, just to help Liam raise the money he needed to help others. 

"I love the marshmallows in the hot chocolate, but I am here for Liam," said one of the attendees. "He is willing to do this, to support other children, and I am here to support that."

On Saturday, Liam raised $1,400 just by selling hot chocolate.

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