Eric "Mitch" Mitchell's dying wish is to see the Jaguars head to the Super Bowl.

But seeing them play the Patriots in their third and final playoff game made Mitch more than happy in the interim. Thanks to the Jaguars, this dream came true.

Mitch has stage four lung cancer and doctors say he has around four more months to live. He was doing well in chemotherapy with the radiation shrinking his tumors. However, not too long ago Mitch found out the cancer had spread. Not only is it in his lungs, but his pelvis and liver too.

Mitch worked for Johnson and Johnson for over 20 years and his Johnson and Johnson family that's is raising money got a hotel and a plane ticket to get him to the game. If you'd like to donate to send Mitch and his wife to the game you can do so by clicking here.

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He stopped treatments and is in Hospice. But he will leave the facility and head to New England to see his team take on the Patriots.

You may remember Mitch's story. First Coast News has been keeping up with him for over a year. While he was in treatment, he donned a Hulk mask to give him superhuman strength. But he has proved to be stronger than any fictional superhero.

"Hey, God just gave me a bus ticket. I just now have to wait for that bus to come," he says with a smile. He doesn't want anyone to feel bad for him and his situation.

Mitch is a lifelong Jaguars fan. He said unless he was out of town on business, he always made time to watch his team or attend the games.

Mitch, 50, is a born and raised in Jacksonville. He has been married to his wife for 28 years and is the father of four daughters and the grandpa to six.