A local restaurant acknowledged Tuesday that they had an incident that compromised their standards after a woman posted a video on Facebook of alleged insects in her food.

One woman got a to-go order from Caribbean Sunrise Bakery on Main St., near Downtown Jacksonville. When she arrived back at work with her order, she found maggots in her jerk chicken.

The restaurant posted, “We have retraced all possible steps to determine where, when and how the quality of the food could have been compromised and put additional measures in place to prevent such occurrences.”

Caribbean Sunrise Bakery was cited back in April for unsafe food temperatures.

Keondra White’s Facebook video of her food has over 80,000 views, and more than 2,000 shares.

“Maggots found in food,” the post said. “PLEASE SHARE”.

White tells us she was given a refund, then asked to leave.