S'mores have been a long-standing summer tradition, and there is nothing better than eating a classic s'more on a hot summer night. But what if you took that classic s'more and revamped it a little? That's what we decided to do for this summer edition of Try This.

Here are three fun and tasty ways to put a spin on the classic s'more. 

Happy "Camping"! 🏕️ 🔥


First up, was Campfire Strawberries, which was a simple yet delicious mixture of something fruity and healthy combined with a campfire twist.

All you need for this one is a fire source, marshmallow fluff, strawberries and skewers.

The most important steps for this recipe is to MICROWAVE the marshmallow fluff and make sure that your strawberries are COMPLETELY DRY before you coat them (this is a step we forgot and it made things pretty interesting).

The rest is simple.

Stick the strawberries on the skewer, coat in fluff and then roast and TADAA you have your campfire strawberry.


Next, we tried Stuffed Puffs chocolate filled marshmallow s'mores. 

We wanted to see if this chocolate filled marshmallow could replace the step of adding the usual Hersheys chocolate bar to your marshmallow and graham crackers.

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This was a delicious alternative to the classic way of making s'mores that tasted a lot like hot cholate to me.

The steps for this one should be pretty familiar to most.

Roast your marshmallow to your desired amount of toastiness then make a graham cracker sandwich and enjoy!

The only difficulty with this one was actually finding the chocolate stuffed marshmallows. The only place I was able to find them was at my local Wal-Mart.

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And last but certainly not least, was the s'mores crunchwrap.

In my opinion, this one takes the cake for the most unique s'mores recipe. It is also the one that requires the most ingredients and "cooking."

There are quite a few ingredients involved with this one also. 

You will need flour tortillas, chocolate bars, marshmallows, butter, cinnamon/sugar, graham crackers, a pan and a fire source.

The first step is breaking up a few pieces of chocolate and graham crackers and place them on the center of the flour tortilla. 

Then add a few marshmallows and fold the tortilla over on itself to close up the ingredients inside.

Next, place butter in the pan lightly coating the surface. Place the tortilla in the pan and toast on both sides.

Once both sides of the tortilla are toasted remove from the pan and sprinkle with the cinnamon sugar mix and enjoy.

This s'mores option was very filling and was definitely one of the richer options in terms of taste.

If you're looking for a sweet treat to fill you up this is definitely the option for you!

Overall, all three of these s'mores alternatives were a delicious spin on the classic s'more. They are a definite must try for your next camping adventure.

Which one would you try on your next camping trip?