Nestled in the heart of Jacksonville Beach along 5th Avenue, you’ll find a quaint historic site built back in the early 1900’s. It's now a home to more than 300 flavors of muffins. The local family owned hot spot is called The Ugly Cupcake Muffinry and Cafe.

"It has all original floors, mostly original moldings and trim, and it has been everything from doctor's offices to bed and breakfasts. It's truly a unique part of the community," said owner, Ivy Wolf, who is also affectionately called, the 'Muffin Lady' by her countless customers.

She started the business about seven years ago with the help of her own son and daughter back when cupcakes became a popular dessert.

“My daughter popped up and said 'your muffins are better than any cupcakes we have' and I said there is a huge difference between muffins and cupcakes and she said 'yea muffins are just ugly cupcakes,'” Wolf said.

The family started out selling muffins at their local farmer's market and have baked their way to the top. Their menu now includes a vast variety of flavors.

"We do corn dog muffins, we do like chili stuffed muffins, like more traditional cheese muffins, then we do things like strawberry marshmallow, Boston creme, we run the gamut," she said.

While each flavor is different, they all share one ingredient in particular.

“So not only are we unique and creative about food, every single thing is cooked here with love and that’s our most important thing," Wolf said.

Aside from muffins, there’s also an extensive menu of cafe items.

"So the only breads that we carry are the breads that we make in-house everyday. They are a cross between a muffin top and an English muffin so we have a traditional version of that, a gluten-free version of that, a vegan version of that, and a pretzel version of that and both are available for breakfast and lunch," Wolf said.

Wolf added that she is now looking to expand her business and will be opening up three locations within the next two years. She's also working to start having her muffins delivered all across the U.S.

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