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Pickle Popsicles... Would you try it?

Perfect for that pickle lover in your life: here's the recipe on how to make your very own summer pickle treat!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — There are some people who hate pickles, and then there are others who love... and I mean LOVE pickles.

I bet you know someone I'm talking about: They snack on pickles, then they chug the juice like it's water! Doesn't that make you wonder how far pickle lovers can go?

Well... feast your eyes on pickle pops!

Recently, the foodie website, delish, posted a recipe on how to make this unique summer snack and turns out, it's not hard to make at all!

All you do is slice up some pickles of your choice, mix the pickle juice with sugar, then fill up the popsicle mold with some slices and the new juice concoction. Then, you freeze the molds for a few hours and viola!

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Credit: Facebook
Screengrab of Delish post on pickle popsicle recipe.

In case you're wondering if there's a place on the First Coast that sells anything remotely close to pickle popsicles, you can try checking out the Hyppo. Even if this St. Augustine-based shop doesn't have them, you'll find a wide selection of delicious, gourmet popsicles made with a twist, such as pineapple cilantro, blackberry goat cheese or strawberry datil pepper popsicles!

Would you try a pickle popsicle? Or do you know a place that sells them? Join the conversation on First Coast Foodies Facebook page!