JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jerry Asker is a Jacksonville native who grew up in the restaurant business. 

"All my brothers, we all work together and own a sports bar in Jacksonville," Asker said. "It’s been there about 14 years now, but I worked there for about 8 of those years."

Asker now runs his own food truck where he serves up American style cuisine with a funky twist. At Funkadelic Food Truck, everything is made from scratch and is cooked to order.

"We have three menus items that have been on the menu since day one," he said.

First up are the Funkadelic burgers.

"Our burgers are made with a brisket short rib chick blend,"  Asker said. "We set it apart from the rest. It comes with caramelized onions that are cooked in bacon fat, white American cheese, arugula and our funk sauce. That [all] comes on [a] brioche bun."

 The jumbo shrimp sliders are also a fan favorite.

"[They] are panko fried royal red shrimp," he said. "They are jumbo big shrimp too and they come on Hawaiian sweet rolls, with sriracha slaw, avocado bacon and our funk sauce."

The gourmet grilled cheese is also worth a bite.

"[It} comes with homemade datil pepper jelly, provolone cheese, applewood bacon [and] avocado," Asker said. "[It goes on] an Asiago cheddar cheese bread that comes from the French Pantry." 

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