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Dragon Ball-themed restaurant celebrates official grand opening on Southside, featuring new, enormous soup bowl

Channel your inner Goku and try its new "Kaio-ken" bowl, which is the equivalent of three bowls of soup!

Jacksonville's Dragon Ball-themed restaurant, Soupa Noodle Bar, says it's going into "Ultra Instinct" mode on Monday to celebrate its official grand opening!

The restaurant, located at 4549 Southside Blvd., has been softly opened since November, serving customizable Asian soups, including build-your-own ramen, pho and curry.

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Just in time for the grand opening, the restaurant is encouraging you to channel your inner Goku and try its brand new "Kaio-ken" bowl, also known as its "Soupa Bowl." It is the equivalent of three bowls in one!

This dish costs $30. Normal bowls range from $11 to $12, depending on if you want to build-your-own soup.

In case you're unfamiliar with Dragon Ball lore, the bowl was named after a martial arts technique taught and used by Goku, the main protagonist of the Japanese franchise. It amplifies his power, but it puts a strain on his body.

Soupa Noodle Bar marks the second location for the Florida franchise, Soupa Saiyan. The first is based in Orlando and opened in 2016.

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There, the restaurant not only serves the Kaio-Ken bowl, but it also serves a much larger bowl of soup, known as the "Ultra Instinct," which is the equivalent of five bowls of soup! This costs $50.

No word on if the Jacksonville location is planning to sell the "Ultra Instinct" dish any time soon.

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