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Sid and Linda's features fresh fish and authentic seafood

It's a southern fish fry with an island flare all started by Sid Camacho and his wife, Linda. The two spent more than 30 years working at Safe Harbour in Mayport.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Sid and Linda's is a southern fish fry Restaurant with an island flare.

It all started by Sid Camacho and his wife Linda. Prior to opening their own place seven years ago in Arlington, they worked as co-owners of Safe Harbor in Mayport.

Sid and Linda's restaurant is family owned and operated. The couple's son, Tony Camacho is the executive chef. 

"I can remember growing up, Pops coming home with fresh fish and cooking it up and slowly but surely he was showing me my brother my sister," Camacho said. "You know we learned that from my parents growing up. We spent a lot of time in the kitchen, the family is what we're all about."

The restaurant also includes its very own full-service seafood market.

"It gives our customers the option and when they come in they can get the seafood take it home raw, or you have the option to cook it with us, Camacho said."It can be a whole fish a couple of pounds of shrimp for a party we accommodate to that."

Popular on the menu is the Ginger Garlic.

"We take about a dozen peel and de-veined shrimp, we sear it on the grill with butter and margarine and then we add in the green bean medley," Camacho said. "As it's finishing cooking we top it off with our ginger glaze sauce and it kind of fuses in as it's finishing off so you get the ginger garlic, the glaze and the shrimp infused at the last minute or so of grilling."

The Combination platters are also a fan favorite, it gives customers the opportunity to try a little bit of everything.

"You can do blackened shrimp, grilled Mahi, you can do a fried soft shell crab, fried calamari you can do steamed and seasoned shrimp," Camacho said.

The Bahamian style conch fritters are also worth a try.

"It's your basic conch meat from the conch shells and then we throw in red peppers, seasoning and you mix it up into a fritter ball," Camacho said.

Sid and Linda' s Seafood Market and Restaurant is located at 12220 Atlantic Blvd. in Jacksonville. For a look at the menu click here.