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Food trucks see restaurants fully reopening as big win; want to capitalize on expanding hours

The owner of the Big Grocery Express Food Truck believes he's operating at 85%, a sharp increase from earlier this year when COVID-19 slowed his sales.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Opening the Big Grocery Express Food truck was supposed to be Kendrick Hundley’s second act, but COVID-19 had other plans.

His business slowed and stayed that way for months.

“Going through a pandemic like this and being a new business owner, it was kind of hectic,” Hundley told First Coast News.

Hundley hopes to turn a new page with the state fully reopening restaurants. 

It’s providing him the opportunity to expand his hours offering late night and overnight options.

“The warehouses I was going to before are calling the food truck back. Even the bars got their license back to serve liquor so I have some late night gigs as well,” he explained.

He’s now averaging two stops a day – believing he’s making back 85% of what he lost. It was something that wasn’t possible months ago but is now refueling Hundley’s recipe for success.

“We are doing pretty good. The crowds are still hungry. They still loving the food. It’s pretty good,” he said.

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