JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Located on the city's Northside, you'll find a fairly new local favorite, Celestia's Coastal Cuisine.

“I started out with the love I’ve always had for cooking," Celestia Mobley said.

She opened up the restaurant last year with her husband and daughter. Mobley is a Jacksonville native and found herself in the kitchen as early as 9 years old.

“I would have to cook little small meals for my sister and myself," she said. "I was kind of a greedy kid so anything that I kinda liked, I would try to make. I can remember trying to make brownies and it was just a disaster I had chocolate everywhere," she said.

Mobley turned her passion into a profession cooking professionally for more than 23 years.

Her specialty is southern style cuisine or "soul food."

“I love braising like oxtails you know, the low and the slow method and then for them to come out really tender and juicy and just melt in your mouth," she said.

She’s known for several items on her menu but what really gets customers talking is her oxtail wontons appetizer.

"We can hardly ever keep is the oxtail wantons," she said. "So I just take pieces of oxtails and add cream cheese to them and just wrap them up and fry them. They’re very labor intensive that’s one of the reasons we can’t keep it, takes a lot to keep them."

Fried shrimp is also a fan favorite where she keeps it simple yet flavorful.

“I don’t put a lot of batter on them," she said. "I keep them simple so that flavor can come through and then I have some beautiful sauces that come with them."

Her crab boils are also a hit. They come with a special Cajun garlic butter sauce. She also serves an endless amount of home-style sides, which are also a hit.

"We have collard greens, which are seasonal, cabbage, macaroni and cheese," she said. "I’m known for my cheese, sweet potato casserole, butter beans, okra, tomatoes, rice and gravy, and fried okra."

Address:6765 Dunn Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32219

(904) 551-6089