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These limited edition holiday drinks will delight even the biggest Grinch

Hey Foodies! We are ranking Hawker's holiday drinks to recommend what you ho-ho-have to try during December.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Hey First Coast Foodies! Nothing like starting your holiday celebrations with some holiday libations at Hawker's Asian Street Food & Craft Cocktails. 

“Give it a good shake," says Five Points location general manager Brian Kamarat. 

He's making all five of their limited edition holiday drinks.

“For Floridians, we don’t see the changing of the leaves," Kamarat says. "We don’t get the fresh layer of snow. We don’t have all that here, so adding something that makes you think of Christmastime all that stuff just helps bring the seasons about.”

This is just the stuff to get you in spirit!

“It’s got that powder sugar covered rosemary to add the effect of seeing a Christmas tree with a fresh coating of snow," he describes one drink. Each of the drinks have details like these making them festive and unique. 

These drinks are so special they’re only served in December.

I stopped by Hawker's to give them a try. Here are the drinks in the order I would recommend them to you! 

1. Under the Mistletoast: Made with Flor de Cana run, RumHaven coconut rum, Hawker's house-made five spice syrup, grapefruit juice, and lime juice. It's topped with smoked rosemary. The bartender uses a culinary torch to toast the rosemary in front of you. Kamarat says this helps the rosemary release its oils to make a fragrant drink. 

Credit: Leah Shields

2. Snowconut Margarita: It's giving us the mounds of snow that we don’t see in Florida. It's made with Milagro tequila, Patron Citronge, Real Coconut, and coconut milk. It's topped with coconut flakes, cranberries, and lime zest. This take on a margarita calms down the acidity and sourness of a regular marg and makes the tequila easier to handle. It's very refreshing! 

Credit: Leah Shields

3. O' Christmas Tea: Made with RumHaven coconut rum, house-made lemongrass syrup, chilled green tea, and hibiscus ginger beer. Topped with fresh cranberries and snowcapped rosemary. For a warm Florida winter, this drink brings down the temperature. 

Credit: Leah Shields

4. Muletide Carols: Made with New Amsterdam gin, house-made pine needle syrup, and lime yuzu sparkling. Topped with cranberries and lime. It's a refreshing holiday twist on the Moscow mule! 

Credit: Leah Shields

5. Ho Ho Hot Chocolate: You can order this drink spiked or virgin for the kids. Made with a chocolate candy ball packed with hot chocolate and marshmallows. You melt the hot chocolate bomb tableside with Sailor Jerry spice rum and milk. It's fun to watch and more fun to drink! 

Credit: Leah Shields

These cocktails are only available through December 31!