Who says you have to go to Disney World for a delicious, colorful and fun-filled churro? Turns out, you can get one right here in our own backyard in St. Augustine!

The brand new handcrafted vegan-friendly churro shop, 904 Churros, will be celebrating its grand opening this Saturday, March 16 at 11 a.m. at 164 State Road 312.

The first 100 customers will get a free churro.

Similar to ice cream shops like Cold Stone, customers will be able to customize their churros with 14 different toppings like sprinkles and chocolate chips. They also get the option of adding ice cream from 12 different Blue Bell flavors.

Each churro is made to order and only takes about four minutes to fry. Customers can opt out on cinnamon and add white plain sugar or matcha sugar.

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Customize your own churros at 904 Churros. It's celebrating its grand opening this Saturday, March 16.
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The owner, Yasier Belapina, also owns Cuban Cafe & Bakery in Downtown St. Augustine. He said that shop mainly attracts tourists and that he wanted to offer locals something fun and different.

"Plain churros are good, but it's way better with other toppings like Nutella, chocolate [or] caramel," Belapina said.

His love for the deep-fried snack goes back to his childhood and inspired him to open up the shop.

"I was born in Cuba and I ate churros a lot," Belapina said. "I don't see them much here ... Not the real ones. I want to show people what a real churro is."

Belapina explained that many churros offered at places like Taco Bell are frozen. He even said Disney's churros are inspired by Mexican recipes. His recipe is inspired by the churros he grew up with in Cuba.

"Real churro styles are from Spain," he said. "We do it more of the Spain style."

Belapina's Cuban cafe also sells churros, but those are baked and not fried, he said.

Location: 164 State Road 312, St. Augustine, FL 32086

Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.


  • Plain handcrafted churro: $3.75
  • Churro with toppings: $5
  • Churro with toppings and ice cream: $8

Melissa Guz is a digital content producer for First Coast News and content creator for First Coast Foodies. You can follow her Twitter and First Coast Foodies on Facebook and Instagram.