He's a Jacksonville native born with a passion to serve.

Growing up, Brandon Beyers, always knew he wanted to walk in his parent's footsteps by running his own restaurant. 

"We came from a home where our parent wouldn't let us sleep in on Saturday or Sunday mornings," Beyers says. "We had to be up by 7:30 [a.m.], 8 o'clock [a.m.] to open the store or restaurant and in the nighttime, we're sitting down with down with Dad looking at numbers and quick books." 

He's also dedicated his life to helping others and giving back. 

"Bring other people you know up, pull them up, give them jobs, get them certified whether it be janitorial, culinary, whatever their choice," Beyers says. "Our young African-American men need jobs, if we can provide jobs we can cut poverty."

Here at his Springfield restaurant, you're treated like family. It's where people come together for art, music and great tasting food in a homestyle atmosphere.

Beyers is known for his Southern comfort cuisine, which includes classics like shrimp and grits. Beyers said the secret is in the sauce. 

Chicken and waffles is also a hit, but what really gets everybody talking is the salmon bowl, which comes with grits, eggs, and a salmon patty served on top.