JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. - Located in the heart of Jax Beach, Lucy's Sweet Shop is a local favorite known for serving up delicious custom cookies and cakes. Owner Michelle Ballinger started the business last year.

"We do weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, and birthday parties," she said.

Ballinger is a self-taught baker and started in her own kitchen just six years ago.

"Well, I really love doing cookies, just decorating cookies just lets me be creative," she said.

Her creativity doesn't just stop at the cookies, she’s also known for her custom-made milkshakes.

"Every week we do a differently flavored milkshake and we try to top it with brownies or cookies or anything that’s kind of unique," she said.

With the highly anticipated Jaguars game this Sunday, this weekend the shake is all about the big cats, it includes mint chocolate chip ice cream with homemade brownies.

“We dyed it with a hint of teal this week for the Jacksonville Jaguars, we topped it with a brownie football and we also have a chocolate wafer and our straw for this week has a Duval pin it," she said.

Also popular on the menu, CBD infused cookies. CBD is a natural ingredient that’s found in hemp plants that Michelle says provides a variety of health benefits.

"We offer a 10-milligram and a 20-milligram option, CBD oil helps with things like anxiety, it helps you sleep, helps with joint pain, depression, it helps alleviate some of those symptoms, so we’re happy to offer it," she said.