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First Coast Foodies: Here’s the Scoop On Doughsserts

Doughsserts specializes in homemade, edible cookie dough.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Attention sweet tooths: There's a sweet place where you can buy homemade edible cookie dough that tastes just like the real thing.

Doughsserts, located at 7643 Gate Parkway Ste. 107, offers nearly a dozen flavors of edible cookie dough, gourmet ice cream, creamy milkshakes and a variety of other sweet treats.

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“We have basically taken what your mom has told you not to do as a child, and we’ve created a way to make it safe to eat so that there’s no health risk,” owner, Steve Boudreaux said.

His love for cookie dough started back when he was a kid. Baking in the kitchen with his mother was his favorite pastime.

“When my parents would go grocery shopping, I would get all the ingredients to make cookie dough. I would actually, physically, make a bowl and go sneak up to my room and eat it when they didn’t know,” Boudreaux said.

Since then, he’s perfected his cookie dough recipes and now serves delicious sweet flavors. Gluten-free and vegan-friendly options are available and he also sells seasonal flavors.

Popular on the menu, is the Brookie Bar, a mix between a cookie and brownie.

“It’s a fudge brownie on the bottom and then the middle, we take our cookie dough and we spread that out,” Boudreaux said. The top layer is a thin layer of melted chocolate that hardens, and so you have this love child of the merger, between a brownie and a cookie.”

The hand-spun milkshakes are also a fan favorite. Each shake is made with gourmet, homemade ice cream, from About Time Creamery, a Ponte Vedra ice cream food truck that serves handcrafted, premium ice cream. (You might already be familiar with them. They served the ice cream tacos and the first-ever Jacksonville Taco Fest.)

“We use an old fashioned machine instead of a blender, but it doesn’t break it up completely, like a blender would,” Boudreaux said. “So you’re still going to get chunks of cookie dough throughout the shake. You also have your choice of almond or regular milk."

If you’re looking for a shareable treat, the Doughverload Sundae is a custom creation that is served with a little bit of everything.

“So we take one of our Brookie bars and then we put a chocolate chip cookie bowl on top of the Brookie,” Boudreaux said. “Then we add a scoop of ice cream, and then you get your choice of toppings, and whip cream, and sauces. It’s definitely a meal replacement and it’s big enough for two or three people.”

Doughsserts is located on the Southside along Gate Parkway around the corner from Ikea.

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