JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — She’s no stranger to the food scene on the First Coast, Celestia Mobley has been serving up tasty cuisines for the past 25 years. 

Two years ago, she opened up her own seafood restaurant, Celestia’s Coastal Cuisine on the Northside. This year she’s celebrating the opening of a new restaurant concept, Jazzy’s Restaurant & Lounge in Riverside.

“You can come in and listen to really nice jazz music, eat really good comfort food, soul food, seafood, have really nice cocktail, just come together chill with your friends and have a great time,” Mobley said. “I’m a people pleaser and I like to see people happy over a good meal, celebrating, just getting together with family and friends and just having a good time.”

first coast foodies

At Jazzys is where you’ll find great tasting southern comfort food like the Louisiana Crab Cakes.

“It has a small amount of breading and egg and different things in it, but it’s still 90 percent crab meat.,” Mobley said. “There is crunchy panko breading on the outside which makes it crispy, and I deep fry it, so you get this crispiness on the outside and it’s really tender on the  inside.”

Also popular on the menu is the Hot Dusted Fried Chicken.

“We marinate it 24 hours in a special blend of seasoning, and that makes it juicy inside and the flavor gets to the bone," she said. "The next day we dust it in flour deep fry it for about 14 minutes until it’s just crispy golden and then we hit it with the special seasoning dust that has lemon pepper, cayenne and it makes it really nice and delicious."

The low country crab boils with jumbo crab legs, sausage, corn, potatoes, and jumbo shrimp are also a hit.

Crab boil

“So we take it we boil and then we add a Cajun butter sauce to it and then after that we top it off with garlic and old bay seasoning.

Jazzy's located at 901 King St. across the street from Kickbacks in Riverside.

For more information call (904) 813-7178