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First Coast Foodies: Fernandina Beach's Wicked Bao is wicked good!

If you've never been to Wicked Bao on 232 North 2nd Street, it's sure to be on your list after this.

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. — Hey, foodies! 

This month First Coast Foodies is taking you all over the First Coast, starting in Fernandina Beach. If you've never been to Wicked Bao on 232 North 2nd Street, just wait until you read and watch this.

"This is Asian street food," said Owner Natalie Wu. "It's a mix of Chinese, Korean, Indian, Japanese, Singaporean, Indonesian, so more like Asian fusion."

Wu has lived in Taiwan and Singapore so she knows her flavors!

"This is a bao trio," she said. "On the traditional one is a braised pork belly, garnished with pickled mustard green and peanut powder."

Baos have light and fluffy "buns." Wu says the bao trio is what she suggests to first-time visitors.

"Growing up in Taiwan, the bao is a street food," she said. "You get it at a store, they push out a stand right there and you pick it up very often after school. It's something small to tide you over before dinner."

She cooked up a feast for First Coast Foodies! We can confirm that Wicked Bao is wicked good.

"Most popular, crispy pork chop rice," Wu said, then she picked up another dish. "Like a chips and salsa, we serve a prawn cracker with wasabi edamame hummus."

There are also chef specials.

"Smashed cucumber salad, fried green beans," Wu listed. "Peanut noodles served cold with house made peanut sauce."

Wu's mother is visiting from Taiwan to help make pot stickers. You can't forget to try their Vietnamese coffee and sake sangria, which changes flavors every month. April is strawberry mint sake sangria and May will be rosemary jalapeño.

"I want to share the joy of this Asian food with all who walk through the door to us!" Wu said.

Check out Wicked Bao's menu here.

First Coast Foodies on Friday: Wicked Bao!

Hey Foodies!! Is it Friday yet? When it is, get up dark and early with us on #GMJ for this month's ALL NEW First Coast Foodies! We're starting in Fernandina Beach... Do you recognize this bao? (HINT: It's Wicked good.) Wicked BAO Good Morning Jacksonville First Coast News

Posted by Renata Di Gregorio News on Wednesday, April 27, 2022

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