Would you pay $100 for a taco? A Jacksonville food truck is hoping you will, saying it'll give you an experience like no other!

Taylor Tacos Food Truck will be debuting its "Benajmin" taco at the first-ever Jacksonville Taco Fest happening this Saturday at Hemming Park.

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"It's also a play on my name," said Ben Taylor, owner of Taylor Tacos.

The taco is made of a white corn tortilla lightly fried in sesame oil, 2 oz. of A5 wagyu, black truffles, black-truffle Pecorino cheese and edible 23.75 karat genuine gold flakes.

"[The ingredients] are all very unique and the flavor profile of each goes so well together, it makes a rich, buttery and just an incredibly delicious taco," Taylor said.

Taylor said he ordered these ingredients from around the world -- the black truffles from Europe and the wagyu steak from Japan.

Wagyu, which literally translates to Japanese cow, is praised for its marbling, giving it a buttery and rich taste that melts in your mouth.

The meat is also graded as an "A5" which is the highest grade possible and it's described to be the most luxurious beef you can buy, according to Crowd Cow. To help put it into perspective, a USDA Prime is roughly an A2 or A3.

The meat could also cost up to $200 a pound or as high as $30,000 for the whole cow.

"I was fortunate enough to try A5 wagyu [at Cowford Chophouse] ... and my best friend and I decided we should try to make a taco with it at some point," Taylor said. "Something kind of really over the top. And offer a very unique experience that you won't get anywhere else."

If you don't have $100, but still want to try other tacos, Taylor Tacos specializes in American-style tacos. And with football season around the corner, why not try the Nick Foles-inspired taco made with the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback's favorite foods.

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