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Thanksgiving Drink Guide: Recipes, pairings and more

With great food comes the opportunity for great drinks! Don't let your Thanksgiving beverages fall to the wayside.

Thanksgiving is a time where families and friends gather to share great food and good company as we reflect on what we're thankful for.

And with great food comes the opportunity for great drinks! Don't let your Thanksgiving beverages fall to the wayside.

Let this serve as your ultimate Thanksgiving Drink guide complete with festive recipes, smart food pairings and much more.

Thanksgiving Beer Pairings

Pilsner: Pilsner's are light straw to golden in color with a dense and rich head. The flavor is simple and has a clean and refreshing finish. Best paired with salads, traditional stuffing and cornbread. 

Wheat: Wheat beers are sometimes cloudy and unfiltered, and highly carbonated. Fruity flavors are very common. Best paired with Thanksgiving veggies, fruit boards.

Pale Ale: Pale Ale can be both malty and hoppy. Pair with something sweet/spicy for enhanced flavor profiles! Best with sweet potato casserole, and spicy foods.

Lager: Lagers are crisp and refreshing with a smooth finish. Oktoberfest lagers go great with baked turkey... and pretty much anything else!

Saison: Saisons ara a very complex style of beer; many are very fruity in aroma and flavor, with mild to moderate tartness.Great with cheese boards, macaroni and tapas.

I.P.A: India Pale Ales are moderate to medium-bodied with herbal and citric character, known for their bitter aroma.  Best with salty foods, spiced/sweet stuffing. 

Brown Ale: Brown Ales have a higher level of malt, which makes them more earthy and less bitter. Flavors vary from sweet to malty. Best with smoked or fried turkey, duck and lamb

Stout: Stouts feature a rich and creamy head. They often use a portion of un-malted roasted barley to develop a coffee-like taste. A good pairing would be rich pies, coffee and cigars.

Porter: Porter is a dark, almost black, fruity-dry, top-fermenting style brew. It is brewed with combinations of flavors. Best with mashed potatoes & gravy, crispy sweet potatoes and heavy beef dishes.

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Delicious (& Seriously Easy) Recipes

  • CranPom Champagne Cocktail 🍹

Ingredients: Pomegranate-cranberry juice, lime wedges, whole cranberries, champagne, wine glass ice

  1. Fill half a wine glass up with champagne
  2. Add a splash of pomegranate-cranberry juice
  3. Add lime wedges and a few whole cranberries
  4. Top off with ice
  5. Enjoy
  • Apple Cider Bourbon Smash 🍏

Ingredients: Bourbon, simple syrup, sliced lemon, apple cider, one red apple, shaker low ball glass

  1. Add 1.5 oz. whiskey
  2. Add ice
  3. Top with apple cider
  4. Garnish with sliced red apple, lemon
  • Chocolate Eggnog Mudslide

Ingredients: Egg nog ice cream, Baileys, vanilla vodka, chocolate syrup, shaker, martini glass

  1. Coat inside of martini glass with chocolate syrup
  2. Add 2 oz. vanilla bourbon to shaker
  3.  Add one small scoop of softened ice cream to the shaker
  4. Shake and then shake some more
  5. Pour into glass and enjoy!

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