Hyperion Brewing Company announced on Friday that they're getting a new piece of equipment that will help them consistently produce great tasting beer.

 As of today, the smallest brewery in Jacksonville is installing a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration system. How fancy! It's a system that only a few breweries in Jacksonville have chosen as an investment to produce consistent flawless beer. The filtration system strips Jacksonville's water of hard elements and allows them to control the exact water profile of each brew they create. 


Hyperion Brewing Company officially turns two this May 2019 and as part of their second year in business, they've been focusing on how to improve all aspects of their guests' experience; including the quality of each beer they produce. 

"We're thrilled to make this announcement that allows us to now brew and serve Double IPA's with a bunch of bitterness and refreshingly, crisp blonde ales like our Selene Citrine (Blood Orange Blonde)," Hyperion says.

Check out more of what Hyperion has been up to on their blog here.