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Jacksonville craft breweries feeling the pressure from carbon dioxide shortage

Brian Miller, the owner of Bold City Brewery, said he can't get a full tank of carbon dioxide anymore.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The United Stated is experiencing another shortage, carbon dioxide. The shortage stems from contamination at a production hub in Mississippi. 

Jacksonville craft breweries are feeling the pressure from this.Carbon dioxide, also known as CO2, gives beer extra fizz. 

Brian Miller, the owner of Bold City Brewery, said he can't get a full tank anymore. His supplier isn't giving him what he's used because of the shortage.  

"If we're not really frugal with it, we may run out," Miller said, who's paying his supplier more to get at least half a tank. 

To Miller, it's a CO2 delivery fee. He's seeing a 35 to 37% surcharge. He told First Coast News his only option is to make it work. 

Preben Olsen is experiencing similar work at his brewery, Aardwolf. He can attest the price of CO2 is going up and more.

"We're also seeing price increases for our malt that we use for actually brewing the beer," Olsen added. 

Problems continue to overflow for brew masters and small businesses. According to reports from TOP, beer consumption increased more than 50% in 2022. Leaving Miller at a financial cross road, while serving his customers. 

"You still need the consumer to support you - to be able to pay these costs that are going up," Miller said. 

The Bold City Brewery owner said he has CO2 in stock, and he hopes to keep it that way. 

For now, Miller said he's rolling with the punches, because "you got to make it work." 

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