One of my favorite beer places is Brewz located in Atlantic Beach. Perhaps because I started blogging just about the same time they opened. One of the first events I covered was a Cigar City Brewing food pairing event. It is a signature of Brewz, free food events. Over time I got to know both Jeremy Cadorette and Brian Slucker, two friends with a crazy idea to open a Growler filling station and taproom.

Recently, Jeremy left the business to spend more time with his family, Brian is continuing with their original plans to open multiple Brewz locations. Saturday, September 2, he will open Brewz Bartram Park, just over a year after opening the Atlantic Beach spot.

The inside taproom has a capacity of 49 people, with additional seating outside.  PHOTO: Stephanie Danley

I stopped by the Bartram Park location this week to talk with Brian. I was wowed! Don't get me wrong, I love the original spot, but it can be crowded on event nights. The new location is very spacious, with an outdoor patio, double the restrooms and even more taps than Atlantic Beach.

Forty seven taps, serving a variety of beer, wine and cold brew coffee   PHOTO: Stephanie Danley

When I arrived, Brian had just brought in the last of 8 big screen televisions for the room. The furniture was being assembled and clean up was underway after the painters came through. Brian says, even if he has to hire 20 people, he will do it to open on time this Saturday. I should mention that Brian is one of the most positive and enthusiastic people I have ever met. I believe that everything will be done by Saturday, if only based on his sheer will!

The new Brewz Bartram Park location is much larger than the Atlantic Beach location, airy with tall ceilings and room for either large screen televisions. PHOTO: Stephanie Danley
Brian Slucker, kneeling, building furniture for the New Brewz location   PHOTO: Stephanie Danley

The space has high ceilings and lots of windows along the front and side, there will be TV's mounted along the inside wall, and the centerpiece of the room is a very large ceiling fan (like the kind in the new Jaguars practice facility at Daily's). It will come in handy on those busy days! Capacity inside is forty nine and thirty outside on the patio.

A very large outdoor patio, seating 30 people, runs along side the Bartram Park Brewz   PHOTO: Stephanie Danley

I asked him if the plan was to open multiple locations or if it was just the success of Atlantic Beach that led to that decision. He and Jeremy had always planned on several locations. He chose the Bartram Park area by doing a lot of research. He looked at the businesses in the area and how they performed. Specifically how craft beer sold in the area. Conditions were perfect for Brewz to locate on Old St Augustine Road, near Phillips Highway. It is easily accessed from either I-95 or Phillips Highway. Construction is going on all around here, including an office building being built right next door.

Today the cooler is filled with furniture, but soon will be holding Beer, Wine and even cold brew coffee  PHOTO: Stephanie Danley

They will have 47 taps in the new spot. Brian says eight will be dedicated to wine, offering a larger variety. There will also be 2 cold brew coffee taps, the rest will be for beer and cider, including a nitro tap. As with the Atlantic Beach location, they plan to be an event driven place. Expect food nights, trivia type game nights and more.

Brewz is the corner unit of a brand new shopping center on Old St Augustine Road near Phillips Highway  PHOTO: Stephanie Danley

To help run both locations, Brian has hired two General Managers and a slew of beertenders. The new location initially will open at Noon, but that could adjust as they see when people stop in. The Grand Opening is Saturday September 2 at 12 p.m. There will be the signature complimentary food and live entertainment.